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About Us

What Royale Grande Brings to You Daily:

  • Manage and continually train, review, assess on-site staff.
  • Monitor trade performance focusing on quality and value.
  • Promote communication and establish relationships with Board of Directors & Residents.
  • Have regular building and grounds inspections and routine reviews with a proactive approach to life safety and preventative maintenance.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency coverage.
  • Work with you to ensure your investment is protected & continually growing.
  • Give you a new perspective & provide appropriate solutions to all your Corporation’s needs.

Improving Efficiency of Your Building & Reducing Operating Costs:

With so many properties managed by Royale Grande, we have established relationships with large distributors allowing us to purchase bulk natural gas with significant savings. This enables YOU to receive a savings via Enbridge Gas at a reduced rate. We are continually maximizing your savings by watching gas prices, trends, rebate programs and implementing strategic capital investments to improve efficiency. Royale Grande is always striving to reduce your Community’s largest annual expenditure.

With our team of consultants, qualified contractors, engineers and experts we routinely perform technical evaluations of your building’s systems focusing on reliability, improving efficiency, and promoting safety,
with an eye on eco-friendly technology and materials.

Protecting Your Bottom Line:

Our administrative and financial departments work together to ensure that your fees are collected without delay. Financial statements are accurate and up to date ensuring that you maintain your budgets and maximize
your investment.

We limit your liabilities and provide detailed monthly analysis of your Corporation’s accounting needs.

Our team will help and guide Board of Directors to maintain healthy Reserve Funds and prevent deficits occurring through effective planning and accurate projections based on years of experience.

At Royale Grande, our staff has the experience, knowledge and training to keep projects on time and on budget to ensure that your Community receives outstanding value.

By working closely with large financial institutions, under the direction of the Board of Directors, and in accordance with reserve fund studies, we develop secure cash and investment strategies for you to maximize the
return on your reserve fund investments.

Behind the Scenes:

Behind the scenes is where many of the crucial aspects of the Corporation's daily operations take place. At Royale Grande we are strongly committed to education and awareness whether attending seminars, updating courses or seeking new and efficient ways to help Communities, Boards and Residents keep up with the fast paced changes in the industry.

Our managers are experienced and familiar with contractors, approximate costs, and timelines, ensuring that by tendering out work, monitoring progress, and working together with the Board of Directors, your
Community will receive the best contracting values.

Royale Grande uses only the latest technologies and dynamic software to ensure fast and accurate communication with Board of Directors, Contractors, Engineers and Lawyers. By continually investing in new software
and computer systems, we are able to maintain up to date, accurate and detailed records providing information to you from anywhere at any time.

By utilizing an ADP payroll service, we provide complete payroll administration for hassle free banking. Our Financial Management team will prepare and provide all your monthly Financial Statements.

Royale Grande Managers and Staff work with Board of Directors to establish procedures and policies for the enforcement of By-laws and Rules to promote safe and united Communities. Whether developing or updating
Safety Plans, training staff for emergency procedures, creating new rules or simply enforcing the Condominium Act, Royale Grande is committed to Community and Safety first.



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